Cloud Based Reminders for your Business

Perfect for Medical Practices, Hair Salons, Auto Repair Shops, and Realtors.

Unique call-back option

For phone calls, you can specify a call-back option for your customer. For example, remind someone about their upcoming appointment, and then give them the option to call your office and reschedule.

Automate Texts and Calls

Text or Call

Audio recording playback

Upload audio recordings to be played when reminding your customers via phone call. They will truly appreciate hearing a familiar voice or jingle. Text-to-voice is also available with all plans.

Recurring reminders

Remind your customers of their upcoming oil change every 3 months, or automate birthday wishes to be sent once a year.

Customer management tools

You can easily import your existing customers via CSV files. Also, group management makes sending bulk reminders quick and easy.

Your own local number

You can set the Caller-ID for phone calls, and each plan allows you to choose a unique local number for sending text messages.