Frequently Asked Questions

What number will my customers see when they receive a text message or phone call reminder?

For phone calls, you can set the Caller-ID for each reminder. Text messages will come from your number that is selected when you set up your account.

Can I schedule a reminder that repeats every day, week, etc?

Absolutely! At the bottom left of the scheduling form, check the box labeled "recurring", then simply specify the frequency that the reminder should repeat. For example, enter "every 3 months" for an oil change reminder, or enter "every 1 year" for annual reminders such as birthdays.

How does the call-back option work?

For phone calls, you can specify a call-back option for your customer. For example, schedule a reminder for someone about their upcoming appointment, and then give them the option to press a button to call your office and reschedule.

Can I use from outside the United States? is currently only available within the United States.

What is the 60-day free trial?

Enjoy all the benefits of MemoryAide absolutely free for 60 days. Simple as that!

Who are these "Twilio" people?

Twilio is the telephony provider for MemoryAide, and we've partnered with them to bring you the best rates & reliability in the universe. Text message and phone call usage is billed through Twilio, Inc. and is in addition to the cost of your monthly MemoryAide plan.

I am having trouble using the site, or have a question, how can I get help?

Email us at or call 716.771.2535