Terms of Service


The following Terms of Service are applicable to the MemoryAide.com website and all services offered by MemoryAide.com. This site and its services are a product of Lake Effect Labs. By using these services, you are agreeing to abide by the terms outlined in this document. If you do not agree with these terms, or are under the age of thirteen (13), please discontinue the use of our services immediately. These Terms of Services may be changed at any time without notice, and the most current agreement will always be made public on the MemoryAide.com website.

Intended Use of Services

The services provided by MemoryAide.com are intended for commercial use, and are designed to aide businesses in staying connected to their customers by automating text message and phone call reminders. By using these services, you agree to only schedule reminders for your employees, customers, or someone who has given you express permission to do so.

Improper Use

Any use of the services provided by MemoryAide.com other than outlined above will be regarded as a violation of the Terms of Service and will likely result in the removal of your account and prevention from further use. Misuse of these services include, but are not limited to, spamming, harassing, or sending unsolicited messages. You agree to obey any local, state, national, and international laws regarding your use of these services, and if required, your actions will be reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Plans & Pricing

Text message and phone call usage is billed through Twilio, Inc. and is in addition to the cost of your monthly MemoryAide plan. By "connecting" your Twilio account with MemoryAide, you authorize any charges incurred by the use of this site, which includes, but is not limited to: phone calls, text messages, and phone number purchases. Deauthorizing MemoryAide from connecting to your Twilio account will terminate your MemoryAide subscription. Users may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their MemoryAide plan at anytime, without penalty. All plans begin with a 60-day free trial. After the trial period has ended, you will be billed each month based on your plan's base rate.

Third-Party Advertisements & Links

MemoryAide.com and Lake Effect Labs does not endorse and is in no way affiliated with any third party advertisements or links. Accessing third party sites through these advertisements and links is done at your own risk.

Communication Opt-Out

We occasionally send out emails about features, news, or changes to MemoryAide.com and you have the option to opt-out from these messages at any time. You can specify your preference during the registration process, in the Account Settings section of the website, or by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of one of these mailings.

International Use

These services are only intended for use within the United States. MemoryAide.com makes no representation that its services or materials are appropriate or available for use outside the United States.


All content (images, text, code, slogans, videos, etc.) made available by MemoryAide.com is copyrighted and may not be copied or distributed without the express written permission of Lake Effect Labs. An exception is made for any open-source material used to provide these services.

No Warranty Disclaimer

The materials and services provided by MemoryAide.com are "as is" and without warranty, whether express or implied. While we strive to provide our customers with the most satisfying service possible, MemoryAide.com and Lake Effect Labs makes no guarantee that its services will function without errors or downtime, and therefore should not be relied upon solely for extremely critical purposes.

Limitation of Liability & Indemnification

MemoryAide.com and Lake Effect Labs shall not be held liable to you or any third party for any damages, whether indirect, incidental, or consequential. These damages include, but are not limited to, damages involving the loss of business, loss of opportunity, loss of revenue, loss of savings, or any other special or consequential damages. Furthermore, you are agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless MemoryAide.com and Lake Effect Labs, its officers, employees and agents from and against any and all liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, resulting from any misuse or violation of the terms and conditions outline in this agreement.


MemoryAide.com and Lake Effect Labs makes no guarantee as to the continuation of the services currently provided, and reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate these services at any time, for any reason, and without notice. At the time of termination, we will (at our discretion) make a reasonable attempt to refund you a fair monetary value of the plan's base monthly rate, prorated to the end of the month.


At MemoryAide.com, your privacy, and the privacy of your customers, is of great importance. We are determined to safeguarding any personal information you store on this site. The current Privacy Policy can be found here.